A tale of two kitchens: A prime example of a customer recommending our services to a neighbor...

Two very unique kitchens, personalised to each customers needs. Both designs started with the same room layout and although they share some similarities they are both stunningly unique in their own ways.

Our first customer had their kitchen completed in September 2022. Choosing a Kitchen Stori Dawson door – a slim frame shaker door – in a mix of Indigo and Porcelain. A carcase interior of choice Egger Grey Bardolino Oak is a slightly muted wood effect that works well with both colour choices here.

A wing line bi-folding dresser unit was selected to house a coffee station and a great place for storing dry foods. A Belfast sink lends itself to a classic design aesthetic. A tall bank of units contains most of the essential kitchen appliances and leaves plenty of space for the wrap around seating area that leads into the dining area, blending the two rooms seamlessly.

After being recommended our services by their neighbor, Kitchen Flair had the pleasure of designing another kitchen with the exact same room layout, completed in June 2023. Although the two spaces share a few similarities from a practicality stance; we were able to keep in mind that this is a separate customer with a different style.


Choosing a Kitchen Stori Aldana door in Marine, a similar style slim shaker door that leans more towards a modern take. This design includes touches of classic design with chunky bracketed shelving to create an eclectic space, with plenty of room for plants. A carcase of Natural Halifax Oak stands against the Marine, utilised also in the making of a hidden spice rack and small pull out.

For this design the hob was also switched to the opposite wall, working better for this customers day-to-day life. The sink placement was kept at the window for both designs, although a lay on sink in this design leans into the modern style. The room layout lends itself to where a tall bank of units would go, as with the first customer. Here in this design however, opted for a stand out American Fridge Freezer with a wine rack above to the ceiling and smaller pantry units either side.

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