Looking at the trends for 2023 in bedroom design – schemes to suit every taste and space.

Colour Drenching

Make a bedroom appear bigger by seamlessly colour drenching your walls, ceiling, floor and even cabinets.

This is great for smaller rooms as bigger furniture pieces blend into the walls, creating the illusion of more space.

Integral Surface Design Santana Black Supermatt
BA Bella Knebworth matt black

Dark & Dramatic

A dark and dramatic scheme encourages a good nights sleep by enveloping the room with a protective feel.

This is particularly good for north facing bedrooms with low levels of natural light , further embracing the protective feel.

Cozy and Cocooning

Rich shades including reds, purples and earthy tones create a cozy, inviting bedroom space.

Extend the colour of the furniture to the walls and even the ceiling to make a cocoon of warm tones.

BA zurfiz plum render
ISG Cairo circle fretted light grey supermatt

Light and Bright

Soft neutrals and light tones can create a soothing, airy feel promoting a relaxing environment.

A feature pop of colour adds a gentle warmth.

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