We look at our top 10 design trend picks for 2023.

If you are looking to add value and ‘sellability’ to your home it is a wise to choose a look that has universal appeal and is on trend.


The wait for a kettle to boil is a wait we would rather do without in 2023 with the rise of boiling water taps such as Quooker.

Sustainability is a hot topic this year and Quooker boiling water taps save on water and energy, using only what is needed rather than overfilling a kettle as many of us do. With the Quooker CUBE as well as instant boiling water you get instant chilled and sparkling water, saving on plastic bottles and water also as it cuts out the need many of us have of running the tap a while to get cold water.

Fusion Round Patina Brass - Quooker Tap
Strada Matte Cashmere


Embracing open shelving creates clean lines and lends itself to the ever-trendy Scandinavian design method.

A trend that is suitable for those with a modern minimalist lifestyle or have plenty of storage options.


In an ever-chaotic world we look to our homes to provide a sense of calm. Looking to Scandi kitchen ideas are a popular way to achieve this. Bring the outdoors in with neutral textures and materials.

Winslow Taupe grey and willow
independent kitchen studio


As our kitchens start to take on a sense of furniture that reflects the multi-use nature we expect now, there is an interest in zoning techniques such as islands, dining spaces, desk spaces and even using rugs to define a route of navigation.


To continue with the furniture feeling we often are creating now, we expect the bakers’ tables to see an uptake. Similar to a kitchen island, but on legs and often with deep drawers that are handy for adding storage.

Fusion Studio TIFF File
mutiwood chartham


Also known as reeded glass, it is a great design upgrade that gives an urban twist whilst disguising items that may not be display worthy.


Carried on from 2022, bringing a bold blue or green into the space is hugely popular. This year we predict this is set to expand to include pink tones; the pantone colour of the year was announced as Viva Magenta!

Burbidge Kew English Red
Trade Kitchen 2A


As we look to more sustainable choices, we foresee aluminium being a top choice for 2023 in not only black but also in the raw grey tone finish. With a light weight it can be shipped more easily meaning the carbon impact of these products is reduced further – something both we and our customers are becoming more conscious of.


Space allowing it is advisable to save a little space for either a utility room or pantry, whichever fits your lifestyle best. A space to shut away washing or food storage and make your kitchen a more liveable space.

A green utility with brass handles. Washing machine and tumble dryer are not integrated and a larger unit sits above to contain the boiler.
Neff coffee machine


In an effort to create minimalistic clean lines we look towards integrated appliances. a scrutinized aesthetic as well as concealment options create a streamlined finish without impacting style. This includes integrated appliances as well as using options such as a wing line door to hide appliances.

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