No two customers are the same, and therefore no two kitchens should be the same...

Nothing we create is standard, and we are proud to say that the Kitchen Flair brand has become synonymous with quality and innovation in its own right. Let us take you through the design process and what you can expect.

Initially we will put together a model of the space you are looking to design for.
Following a detailed list of information about what you need and want from your space we will put together an initial design. If you are thinking of a new kitchen our styles page is a great place to gather ideas and work out what type of kitchen matches your personality.

This may not have every single detail; but is used to make sure you are happy with the basics such as layout, colours and textures.

Kitchen plan without details
Designer working at desk

Following feedback from the initial design, our designers will work with you to make sure every detail is what you are looking for. This may mean your space goes through several design iterations – perfectly normal!

Our designers will always suggest the details that they feel suit you and your design the best.
During the design process we get to know you a little and will put forward products/ideas that may suit you or your families lifestyle. This may be something as simple as a different shelf layout to maximise storage, but could be a particular product system or even a completely different layout that you may have not considered previously.

Our designers make a point of highlighting every feature including product codes so you get exactly what you are looking for.


Eventually when you are fully committed to the design you will progress from the design phase to the manufacturing stage.

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