Our top picks for the coming years latest trends in kitchen design...

Planning a new kitchen can be quite a daunting task. The quantity of styles, ideas and advice can be overwhelming. While the amount of choice is a good thing, we have put together a list of our top kitchen trends for 2022 to help point you in the right direction of what is going to be popular in the upcoming months. We hope you can plan your new space with confidence knowing where kitchen design is heading.

Bold Colours
With many of us spending much more time at home this year the trend of bold colours has really taken off with expansion into more unusual shades such as Heritage Green and Vintage Pink.

Wood Tones
This may not be anything new but wood effects are set to be a big thing in 2022. From worktops to doors and cabinetry we can’t wait to see some new and interesting ways to bring nature into the kitchen through a mix of different wood tones and textures.

A rise in the importance of lighting in the kitchen. Practicality will merge with style; resulting in more use of pendants, statement pieces and design led cabinet lighting.

Glass Doors
Love or loath, we predict glass will be a firm kitchen trend for 2022. Match with some glass shelving and internal lights and you have the perfect showcase for organisation. Fluted or frosted glass are also alternatives!

Home Bars/Offices
2020/2021 saw the closure of workplaces and social spaces such as bars, restaurants and coffee shops resulting in a rise in home offices and drinks stations.

Boot Rooms
An ultimate add on if you have the space, a boot room (also called a mud room) is a blessing for busy homes or those who enjoy outdoor activities no matter the weather. Keep those muddy boots, coats or even pesky sand away from the rest of the home.

Popular for a long time but back in focus for 2022 is marble. Used as a splash back or sleek worktop; marble gives a way of using light colours or breaking up those bold trending colours. Mix with gold and bronze accents to add some sophistication to any kitchen.

Sustainable Furniture
Sustainability is a key word for 2022. Interior designers are creating a rustic, homely feel through the use of vintage, upcycled and heritage furniture. This ties in nicely with the wood trends in the kitchen through wooden tables with mixing tones of wood to brighten or balance out spaces. 

Appliances with a design led front is a must for any kitchen in 2022. Metal appliances with colours like gold and brass add a touch of modern class to a bold kitchen design. Look out for cohesive sets that add detail and warmth to the kitchen.

Not just in appliances, metallics in general are a trend of their own for 2022. Bold paints, appliances and splashbacks paired with wood grains and those rich kitchen door colour trends mesh together classic trends with modern ideas.

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